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Directed by Adrian McDowall

The Disney+ Willow series was a breath of fresh air, harkening back to a bygone era of onscreen epic fantasy more focused on being delightful than profound. The Observer.

Paramount +.

Directed by Andy and Ryan Tohill.

5 part drama.

If the denouement is as thrilling as the action so far, it will be a payoff worth waiting for. Evening Standard
The Last Czars.

Directed by Adrian McDowall
Over 30M Views, Top 5 US

The cinematography is beautiful. The Guardian

Delivered with top rate dazzle dazzle. The Telegraph

The Last Czars, created by Nutopia, seamlessly blends remarkably detailed history with captivating dramatization. That's no small achievement. Wall Street Journal

The Dinosaur Project.
Studio Canal.
Directed by Sid Bennett

International Cinema Release, Top 5 Box Office in several territories.
Rip roaring fun. Financial Times
For Her Sins
Paramount +/C5

directed by Adrian McDowell
C5's best stripped drama 2023, 3.9m viewers.
For Her Sins pulsed with menace, thanks to compelling pace and intriguing characters. I News
Jesus His Life. 
History Channel.
Directed by Adrian McDowall
Even when telling a familiar story, "Jesus: His Life" resonates, still, with power and grace. Boston Herald
This England.
Directed By Michael Winterbottom
The Royal Mob.

Directed by Fraser MacDonald
There are lovely looking scenes that, at points, give it a Sofia Coppola feel. The Guardian
The Horne Section TV Show.
Channel 4

Directed by Barbara Wiltshire
Alex Horne’s boundless energy and likability is captured in a charming show that sits somewhere between Flight of the Conchords and The Goodies. The Guardian
Locked Up Abroad.
Nat Geo.
Directed by Gareth Johnson 
Amazon & BBC.
Directed by Simcha Jacobovici
Winner Canadian Screen Awards Best Photography 2021
Winner Cinematography Excellence ImpactDocs 2021
An enlightening cinematic show. City Press SA
Lost Pirate Kingdom.
Directed by Hereward Pelling

Over 25M Views, Top 5 UK
This wildly popular new documentary series features top-drawer reenactments. Sydney Morning Herald
The Floogals. 
Directed by Ruth Ducker & Tom Pridham

Daytime Emmy nominee 2020

BAFTA Children’s nominee 2019

Mermaids: The Body Found. 
Animal Planet.
Directed by Sid Bennett 
Silver Medal - New York Film Festival
Mermaids Series Trailer.
Animal Planet.
Directed by Steve Gomez
Does an exceptional job at replicating the documentary format. FFC
American Anarchy.
October Films.
Directed by Hereward Pelling 
 Killers of the Cosmos.
Directed by Ben Scott
Channel 4.
Directed by Sarah Jobling 
Directed by Matt Thomson 
Directed by Elliot Goldmer 
Stu & Ollie. 

Directed by Jamie Crawford
October Films.
Directed by Hereward Pelling
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