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Jamie Crawford, Director.

Tom is an exceptional DOP. More than anyone else I've worked with he combines the perfect balance of a photographer's eye and a storyteller's brain, and that's what makes him such a great asset on a drama shoot. Many years making documentaries means he can be really fast when necessary and his drama and commercials experience means his lighting is instinctive and adaptable, freeing him up to work really collaboratively with me as the director, which I hugely enjoy. On top of all those excellent technical skills he's a delight to be with, fun and funny, highly sociable, and friendly to everyone - all vital tools for ensuring a really happy set. In that environment, everyone gives their best.

Josh Wilkins, Head of Production US, October Films.

Having worked with Tom for over a decade now he has consistently shown a combination of creativity, leadership, a thorough understanding of how best to utilize CGI, whilst working very much as part of a team and time and again proving ‘production-friendly’. Knowing how to complete a call-sheet without compromising on the creative ambition, Tom has been a great creative, flexible and hardworking partner, focused on his project and supportive to his director.

Working with him on a very CGI heavy feature project, his knowledge and experience in the field, and his ability to advise the VFX Supervisor on set, was crucial to the success of the project.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom for any job, or to hire him again.

Lisa Dawson, Producer, Commercials and Sponsorship, Recipe Advertising.

Tom Pridham is my preferred DOP for all large scale shoots as he always delivers above and beyond the requirements for the projects. He is adaptable to shooting styles, is an active part of the collaborative production process and is a pleasure to work with. He excels both technically and creatively and has been a joy to work with for the past 13 years that we have worked with him, delivering brilliant results every time.

Nick Hill, Features Producer.

I first met and worked with Tom 5 years ago when I produced his feature film, The Dinosaur Project. As the co producer, co creator and director of photography on the film I found him to be a real pleasure to work with. Not only is Tom a  talented and creative camera man but he is also a real story teller. His talents mean that he is able to continually support a director both on and off set and be an invaluable member of the film making team. 

Tom is a team player but when called on to do so, leads by example. The Dinosaur Project was a challenging film, shot on location in South Africa that was completed on time and under budget due in no small measure to Tom's work. His ability to collaborate together with strong leadership and decision making qualities are invaluable.

Tom and I are now developing his next feature film project based on his own original idea. Please contact me should you require any further information.

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